Jewels from Sikh Wisdom – A Journey of Discovery

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Fully illustrated hardback book. Compiled by Harinder Singh, with artwork by The Singh Twins and writing by Gopinder Kaur

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Size: 216 pages, 30cms x 29cms

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Jewels from Sikh Wisdom sets off on a memorable journey through the emergence and unfolding of Sikh spiritual heritage, whilst illuminating its timeless teachings on transforming our inward and outward worlds.

Exquisitely illustrated throughout by the internationally acclaimed British artists, The Singh Twins, it combines a stunning collection of artworks with a fresh and accessible, contemplative text, designed to engage contemporary readers from all backgrounds. Through the full-colour pages of this book, creative interpretations of the scriptural teachings are joined by artwork that draws on global symbolism to explore their poetic and metaphorical imagery.

Introducing Guru Nanak’s teachings on Oneness and aligning to the Divine, the book journeys through Jap Ji Sahib, the first morning prayer after exploring the Mool Mantar or root teaching. Sections on how the lives of the ten Sikh Gurus led to the flowering of the Khalsa and the Guruship of the revered scripture, Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, are followed by closing themes on humanhood, birth and death, and on honouring nature and serving society. Through art and text, many lyrical verses are imaginatively explored to reveal the commitment of the Sikh Gurus to interreligious and interhuman dialogue and shared flourishing.

Conceived by Harinder Singh, this unique compilation represents an inspired collaboration between the US-based not-for-profit arts foundation, Sikhlens, and a UK-based creative team supported by the Guru Nanak Nishkam Education Trust, with a main commentary developed by Gopinder Kaur. A beautiful educational resource and intergenerational treasury, Jewels from Sikh Wisdom – A Journey of Discovery will appeal to those of Sikh heritage, as well as more broadly to art-lovers and wisdom-seekers, and to the imagination of all who seek to co-create a better world.

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2 reviews for Jewels from Sikh Wisdom – A Journey of Discovery

  1. Rachna Singh

    ‘Jewels from Sikh Wisdom’ is undoubtedly a masterpiece. It seamlessly blends the spiritual and the aesthetic. Its articulation of the tenets of Sikhism showcased with the beautiful art work of the Singh Twins makes it a collector’s gem. A book that will appeal to not only the followers of the Sikh faith but people of all religions and faiths. My compliments to Harinderji, Gopinder Kaur &; The Singh Twins for this rare and beautiful compilation.

    • Harinder Singh

      Thank you Rachna Singh for excellent review of the book .Your comments are indeed most valuable.

  2. HMS Rosha

    I’ve read the first two chapters. I should say without hesitation that the essay on “Ik Oang kar” is by far the most erudite so far. I’ve skimmed through many interpretations of these opening words of Sikh scripture; this one is new, original and exotic. It comes nearest to saying that ik doesn’t only mean one God, but that there is ONLY GOD. And that is the essence of Sikh teaching.

    My compliments on your effort. I shall be giving my thoughts on other parts as I go along. But one thing is certain; it is a labour of love.
    It’s indeed a great book to keep on your coffee table.

    • Harinder Singh

      Thank you Rosha for your valuable review. Hope you continue to be impressed by the other chapters in the book.

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