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Guru Nanak Dev Ji Portrait Size (60cm x 60 cm x 10cm)


Guru Nanak Dev Ji Portrait Size (60cm x 60 cm x 10cm)

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The portrait of Guru Nanak Dev Ji replicated a portrait of Guru Ji painted by one of the great artists Soba Singh. Soba Singh’s paintings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji are for many what we preserve Guru Ji to have looked like.

The detail around Guru Ji’s portrait has multitude of symbolic thoughts. The layered geometric pattern work is representation of the atom symbol. As all matter of life is made of atoms, the pattern work showcases one of Guru Ji’s teachings; all are equal. The artwork also has 10 circular discs; these are shaped to lotus flowers, a symbol in many cultures of purity. There are 10 for each guru that followed from Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Furthermore, the artwork has craved into it the Mul Mantra, and Ek Onkar. The first composition of the Sikh holy scripts, Guru Granth Sahib

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70cm x 45cm x 5cm


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