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Guru Nanak’s Aarti Size (22 x 30 inches)

Guru Nanak’s Aarti Size (22 x 30 inches)

Medium: Acrylic and watercolors on watercolor paper

Guru Nanak’s Aarti is a semi-abstract painting which is a spiritual representationof Guru Nanak’s thoughts and ideas combined into a poem. Guru Nanak Dev Ji was aenvironmentalist. Throughout his travels he explored human nature and lived and slept wherever he found a place to rest in nature. His love for art and creativity immensely pulled him in many different directions since childhood. Guru Nanak ji was an enlightened soul. This painting is an attempt to summarize Nanak’s pure soul and his message to all that we are all one and in unity we evolve to become a part of this responsible ecosystem. This is a continuous reminder to us humans, that we are givers and thus we must spend most of our time meditating so that we can all become one with the creator of this universe. The colors in the painting play a significant role which implies purity, peace and warmth.

Prints and limited editions on Canvas also available.Please send your enquiry


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